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Term and Conditions!

Each User is responsible for the use of their own account and must immediately inform BETWEENUS of any anomaly or unauthorized use of their account by third parties.


Users recognize that they are exclusively responsible for the activity on their account whether their account be managed by the User or third parties. The responsibility extends to ads, published content, interactions with other users. Users are not permitted to infringe on any copyright laws. The User is liable for the integrity and legality of their published content. Users are strictly committed to publishing content that do not infringe on any local, provincial, and national laws and regulations BETWEENUS reserves the right to suspend, delete, or delay publications that do not respect the community guidelines. BETWEENUS also reserves the right to suspend accounts for inappropriate behavior.

User are PROHIBITED from publishing the following:

  • Offensive, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous, discriminatory and/or defamatory content.
  • Child pornography, pedophilia and/or any references of the kind, including content that insinuates the User is underage.
  • Any content that attacks individuals' race, culture, or religious beliefs.
  • Illegal content.
  • Any content with references to violent and/or extreme practices.
  • Any content related to drug trafficking, weapons, and/or instruments capable of inflicting bodily harm.
  • Any content with explicit or implicit references with references to paid sexual services.
  • Any content not directly linked to the theme of the site.
  • Any content published in a language other than the official languages of the country.

BETWEENUS does not position accounts nor ads. We are not an escort agency nor do we condone illegal sex or human trafficking BETWEENUS provides advertisment space for publishing content to Independent individuals. BETWEENUS has the right to remove content that is flagged as being false or impersonations. Stealing content is illegal. You must be at least 18 years old (21 years in some countries) to browse website content.

The use of the site is free and allows Users to create accounts, publish and/or consult ads, as well as interact with other Users. The User must strictly comply with the Terms and Conditions of the site. The User must comply with any instructions or corrective action established and/or communicated by BETWEENUS. Users have the option of purchasing special features through the site.The purchase of paid services will be registered as payment to BETWEENUS. Purchases are non-refundable. BETWEENUS reserves the right to remove publications that go against the Terms and Conditions, inappropriate publications, and/or publications that go against the BETWEENUS community standards. BETWEENUS is not liable for publications that have been deleted, delayed, omitted, or repositioned.

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